Hello, and welcome to my personal website! I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Politics at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. I am also a member of Ryerson’s Yeates School of Graduate Studies, and program faculty for the Graduate Program in Immigration and Settlement Studies as well as the York and Ryerson Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture.

Outside Ryerson, I have worked as a senior visiting fellow at the Institute for Human Development, New Delhi, India, as Global Coordinator for the Centre for Development and Human Rights (CDHR), New Delhi, India, and previously, as a director of Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP), an international professional network, anchored at Yale University. I am currently a member of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) and the International Development Ethics Association (IDEA).

I have a PhD in Political Science from the University of Toronto, and a Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts (Joint Honours) in Political Science and Philosophy from McGill University. Prior to my Ph.D. studies and employment at Ryerson, I was a consultant for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), an editorial writer in India, and a lecturer at the University of Toronto, York University, and the University of Guelph. While an undergraduate at McGill University, I was an editor of the McGill Daily.

While I live and teach in Toronto, Canada, my research and collaborative projects are based mostly in India, where I spend several months of the year. My somewhat nomadic lifestyle has long roots. I was born in Delhi, India, and spent my first 17 years in the UK (Oxford), India (New Delhi), and the United States (Bethesda, Maryland).